The Sugar Mill Farm ~ Rt. 16 / I-91 exit 25 ~ Barton, VT 05822
About Maple Grades

Pure Vermont maple syrup is a nutritious food made by boiling the natural sap of the hard rock maple. As a pure syrup, it provides the consumer with high nutritive values from its many trace minerals, vitamins, and amino acids - the building blocks for protein.

Vermont maple syrups are similar to good wines in that they offer to the consumer a variety of unique, natural flavors, which have been defined by Vermont law. You will find one of the following official table grades marked on each container of Vermont pure maple syrup.

Vermont Fancy - Light Amber
Light Amber color and a delicate maple bouquet distinguishes this as the world’s most famous maple syrup. Its unique flavor makes it a favorite topping with many desserts and a true gourmet’s delight.

Vermont Grade A - Medium Amber
Medium Amber color and a more pronounced maple flavor makes it very desirable for pancakes, waffles, french toast, and cereals. A great all-purpose syrup.

Vermont Grade A - Dark Amber
Dark Amber color and robust flavor, slightly enhanced by sweet caramel taste makes it an excellent flavoring in preparing many recipes.

Vermont has a Mandatory Maple Syrup Grading Law, Maple Inspectors rigidly enforce this law and assist the producer in maintaining the highest quality product.

Vermont maple syrup is required to have a heavier density than the U.S. standard and to be free of preservatives. In Vermont the true quality grade must be plainly labeled on each container. The term Vermont Maple Syrup may only be used for maple syrup produced in Vermont.